Aloha, It's Troy...

I am a group and private yoga/fitness coach in Honolulu, Hawaii. Born and raised on the island of Oahu, I spent my earlier years surfing to keep me centered and fit. I then found a deep connection to the practice of power yoga which influenced me to share my love and passion for a healthy lifestyle around the world, including Hawaii, California, and Australia.

As I dove deeper into learning about fitness, I found myself on an endless road to self discovery. With the evolving change in fitness, I am excited to motivate and inspire the community that I love. A community that goes beyond the four walls of a studio or fitness center, which is why I created The Practice: mind, body, movement.

My intention is to share my joy for fitness in a fun and positive digital format for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. I believe that through a physical practice and positive affirmations, one can thrive in their fullest potential in whatever they do in life. True accountability is your ability to show up just as you are.

Can’t wait to practice with you!